Improving Communication Via Facebook

Sharing Interesting Status On Facebook

Facebook is an internet social network, released in 2004 by Mark Zuckenberg that actually started trend of communicating over the internet. It is literally a synonym for the social network. It has over a billion active users and first it was designed to help improve communication between people on the great distance. Now, Facebook represents place where you are able to post photos that your friends can see, like and comment, also you can post music on your own profile, that can be either public, either private, and accordingly to that your Facebook friends can have a little sneak peak in your life, as much as you let them to. There are also all kind of games to play and even compete to other Facebook (source: como hackear un Facebook rapido) users. You are able to have virtual pets, send virtual drinks and gifts, hugs and wishes.

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On your profile, which is represented by your own personal timeline, you can post memorable life events and other personal information. Facebook can be used on desktop or laptop computer, on any regular newer non-smartphone with the help of the browser (e.g. Safari), but also on devices that support iOS or Android operating system – you just simply go to Google play store, or App store, and download FREE Facebook app. You should regularly update Facebook app, because it is constantly being upgraded (fixes issues to make the app more reliable) so you can enjoy your experience as much as it is possible.

Chatting on Facebook is integrated feature

Communication is on its best. You can chat with a group of people, or just a single person; send voice messages and make live voice and video calls via Facebook and make the distance disappear.
Because of its noble purpose to help people stay connected it is not strange that this social network has that much users at all ages, all over the world. After you start using it you will be able to feel what have I just spoke about.

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Many famous persons have their personal fan pages on this network, where you can message them – and who knows, you might even get answer. Just imagine that: casual chatting with your favorite singer, actress or a Nobel Prize winner. Sounds so unreal, but that is just one of the many option Facebook offers to its users.
Stay in touch with your friends and family, or make new friendships. Enjoy Facebook.

Clash of Clans just broke 30 million active players!

A short insight in to Clash of Clans

Since in last great and useful Clash of Clans guide we shared you latest tips and tricks about this beautiful game, today we decided to tell you few great insane facts about Clash of Clans. You probably heard a lot of stuff about company that invented Clash of Clans, Supercell right? This company was founded in Finland, and beside Clash of Clans they also made even more useful games like Hay Day and Boom Beach, those three great mobile games made over 1,5 billion of US dollars last year which is incredible. But how much is Supercell earning from Clash of Clans? Well they are earning over 4,5 million a day from this great mobile game. One of the most famous Clash of Clans players said that he is spending over six thousand US dollars on month to make his COC village, and he is not the only one who is spending big amounts of money in this game.

clash of clans

That’s why players who are not spending any money can’t be in top 10 players of Clash of Clans! But hey, SuperCell is earning over 50% of money just from top 10 players in Clash of Clans, so you always have chance to be close to top 10 . Wondering how much active users are playing Clash of Clans? There are over 30 million of active players who are enjoying in this game! Since COC is really big and popular game, Supercell needs a lot of employees to work for them right? We have to tell you that this company employed only 15 people to work in Clash of Clans game, which is amazing right? So did you liked this short post about crazies facts from this beautiful mobile game? Feel free to add even more great facts if we missed something!

How to self-brand on Facebook

Singer/Band Branding on Facebook

If you are a singer or have a band and you want to succeed in a competitive industry, there is a rough way in front of you. However, Facebook can help you on your highway to heaven.
But how? First of all you should create a fan page for yourself or your band. Fan pages are a type of profiles which people like instead of sending them friends requests. In this way your page can be liked by all Facebook members. You can connect your profile, either personal or business one, to this page and manage it. You can send requests to your friends to like your fan page. The more likes you have the easier it is for other unknown people to find you page and like it.

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People can also find your page by typing its name, i.e. your name or the name of your band, into their search box. Once you have many likes it is easy for you to advertise your band for free. You can post on your fan page everything you can post on ordinary Facebook profiles, such as photos, statuses, photo albums, videos, links to other websites, such as YouTube, where your fans can listen to your songs and watch your videos and audio version of your songs. Another great thing is that you can make events and send invitations to your Facebook fans and friends. In the event you have created everything everyone needs to know about it can be written, such as the time and place of it, description of the event, additional information such as the ticket price, etc. Having invited your fans and friends to your event they can choose their activity in terms of your event by clicking on either yes, no, or maybe as an answer to the question ‘Are you coming?’ This is quite a reliable way of letting people know you are having a gig. However, it is not totally reliable in terms of knowing how many people will attend your pirater un compte facebook since it is often the case that people click yes and don’t show up, do not even see the invite and don’t click on anything, don’t want to bother by clicking on something or that many people hear about the gig through other means and come without having even seen the Facebook event. This is somewhat up to you. You should spread the word about your band and gigs as much as you can and your success would be more probable.
It’s not easy to succeed in showbiz but if you are good a little effort can be all it takes and Facebook bridges this gap for you.

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